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I built a ridiculously overpowered gaming machine, which you can now see in the Computer Lab:
Ryzen 7 5800X + RTX 3070Ti "GPC"


Updated the Broccoli Salad recipe in the Cafeteria to the new format and added a photo.


The Pita Pizza recipe was refined slightly and updated to the new format. There were also some refinements to the Virtual Cable TV Network logos, and to the main page banners, last week.


I've been working on my TV project for a long time, but I've finally added it to the Gadgetorium:
Virtual Cable TV Network

I also added some work-in-progress 3D renders to the Gadgetorium, the Computer Lab, and the Cafeteria.

Addendum: added some commentary to the links in the foyer.


Added some of my smaller recent projects to the Gadgetorium:
Dual D-Pad Game Controller Media Controller


I re-designed the site. I'm trying to give it more of a "lab" theme, and make it more low-res and dithered. It's more consistent now, but I haven't finished converting the recipe pages to the new design. I was also hoping to have 3D rendered "rooms" for each of the pages above, but I'm still learning Blender and haven't worked out the designs yet.


I recently built a SciFi-inspired binary clock.


The Cyberdeck has been updated.


I've created a Cyberdeck as a testbed for future Raspberry Pi projects.


My new Raspberry Pi server, set up to fit in with and serve my 90s computers.

A new design for the main site, and no more CSS anywhere! (Except for the Minecraft Resource Pack and Amstrad Laptop Info pages, which are their own things.)


My Halloween project: a videogame-inspired vampire-killing kit.


Redeisgned the case of my Bubble-LED watch. Now even more 70s!


Updated photo of Servo, added mini-review of Tex keycaps. Added an overview of my weather display project. Returned NES Crystal Caves to the site, and re-added and expanded coverage of my boot sector programs.


Added my newly assembled NuXT to the computers page. Added more photos, my Game Boys, and a little more info to the consoles. Also, the Minecraft resource pack has been updated for 1.16!

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