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A square object hanging on a wall. It has curved beige sides and a black face. The face is covered in a grid of orange squares, and one white circle. Some of the orange squares are lit up.

I recently built a SciFi-inspired binary clock.


A silver box with a black face. Silver panels, a computer screen, LEDs and switches are set into the face. A keyboard is tucked under it.

The Cyberdeck has been updated.


A silver box with a black face. Silver panels, a computer screen, LEDs and switches are set into the face. A keyboard sits in front of it.

I've created a Cyberdeck as a testbed for future Raspberry Pi projects.


A biege and red box with LEDs and buttons.

My new Raspberry Pi server, set up to fit in with and serve my 90s battlestation.

A new design for the main site, and no more CSS anywhere! (Except for the Minecraft Resource Pack and Amstrad Laptop Info pages, which are their own things.)


An assortment of medieval weapons and holy artifacts.

My Halloween project: a videogame-inspired vampire-killing kit.


A black plastic box with a leather strap, being worn on a wrist. There are a small red indicator and two buttons on the face of the box.

Redeisgned the case of my Bubble-LED watch. Now even more 70s!


A wooden board hanging upright on a wall. Four semi-circle indicator dials are spread across its length, with red needles pointing to numbers. A screenshot of a videogame, showing a side view of a mineshaft. A cave full of dirt, boulders, and diamonds, as represented by textmode graphical characters.

Updated photo of Servo, added mini-review of Tex keycaps. Added an overview of my weather display project. Returned NES Crystal Caves to the site, and re-added and expanded coverage of my boot sector programs.


A zeppelin docking at a space needle, rendered with cubes.

Added my newly assembled NuXT to the computers page. Added more photos, my Game Boys, and a little more info to the consoles. Also, the Minecraft resource pack has been updated for 1.16!