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An assortment of medieval weapons and holy artifacts.

My Halloween project: a videogame-inspired vampire-killing kit.


A black plastic box with a leather strap, being worn on a wrist. There are a small red indicator and two buttons on the face of the box.

Redeisgned the case of my Bubble-LED watch. Now even more 70s!


A wooden board hanging upright on a wall. Four semi-circle indicator dials are spread across its length, with red needles pointing to numbers. A screenshot of a videogame, showing a side view of a mineshaft. A cave full of dirt, boulders, and diamonds, as represented by textmode graphical characters.

Updated photo of Servo, added mini-review of Tex keycaps. Added an overview of my weather display project. Returned NES Crystal Caves to the site, and re-added and expanded coverage of my boot sector programs.


A zeppelin docking at a space needle, rendered with cubes.

Added my newly assembled NuXT to the computers page. Added more photos, my Game Boys, and a little more info to the consoles. Also, the Minecraft resource pack has been updated for 1.16!