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Retro SciFi


For Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.1

MST3K Splashes

MST3K quotes on the title screen

For Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.1

Retro SciFi Resource Pack

Build your own 50s B-Movie adventure! This a 32x32 pack.

Many of the items have been given thematic makeovers with new English names:

Photonic Hammer

Needle Gun

Flying Suit

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MST3K Splashes Resource Pack

Replace those silly memes with something classy! Many classic MST3K quips and catchphrases will grace your title screen!

Featuring such hits as:

"I'm Cherokee Jack!"
"He tried to kill me with a forklift... Huzzah!"
"Gamera is really neat! Gamera is made of meat!"
"Suddenly, there was no monster!"
"Creeper, Creeper, Creeper... YOU give ME the creeps!"
"Big McLargehuge!"
"Cliff Beefpile!"
"Slab Squatthrust!"

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