Computer Collection

Two all-in-one computers, a monitor, two keyboards and two mice Two computers built into keyboards, an external disk drive and a small CRT TV

ReleaseModelCPUClock SpeedMemoryNicknameDetails
2020Monotech NuXT v2AMD 8088-24.77MHz - 9.5MHz1MBMore
2013HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFFIntel i5-46703400MHz16GBServoMore
2007Lenovo Thinkpad T60Intel Core Duo2000MHz1GBCrickMore
2000iMac G3 IndigoPowerPC 750400MHz1GBMore
~1999White Box PCIntel PIII (Slot 1)1000MHz512MBTrinityMore
~1999White Box PCAMD K6-2+450MHz512MBDirty HarryMore
1994Compaq Presario 425Intel 486SX33MHz20MBShippoMore
1988Amstrad ALT-386SXIntel 386SX16MHz1MBMetal MickeyMore
1987Commodore 64CMOS 85001.023MHz64KBMore
1984Apple IICMOS 65C021.023MHz128KBMore
1982Commodore 64MOS 65101.023MHz64KBMore