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iMac G3 Indigo

Translucent white and blue computer with built-in CRT monitor

Found this one on craigslist circa 2018, met the seller at a Burger King. I later bought the appropriate Pro Keyboard and Mouse on eBay. I ended up mostly playing mid-90s edutainment games on it since that was my main exposure to Macs. I'm still looking for more appropriate games for it.

The clock battery was dead, but fortunately it was removable and hadn't leaked. I found an exact replacement online. The speakers blew shortly after I got it. I found very close matches at an audio store online and managed to retrofit them into the original mounts.

OSMacOS 9.2.2, Mac OS X 10.4.11
CPUPowerPC 750 400Mhz
GPUATI Rage Pro 128 8MB
AudioIntegrated sound chip and speakers
NetworkIntegrated Ethernet, AirPort option installed
Internal Storage10GB IDE/PATA HDD
Removable Storage24x CD-ROM