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Beige computer with built-in CRT monitor

Compaq Presario 425 "Shippo"

Named for the tiny fox demon from Inuyasha.

I got this circa 2007, from a local legal advisor that was clearing out unwanted equipment. They had a whole out-of-order bathroom piled near waist-deep with old stuff. Most of the good stuff was gone, but I spotted this tucked under a sink.

This is currently the only computer I've ever overclocked. It has a jumper for 25MHz or 33MHz, and allegedly there was an identical 33MHz model. I had an old game that ran a bit slow, so I switched the jumper, and it's been fine ever since. I got a bunch of old ram from my Computer Repair instructor on the condition that I only keep what I use, and I was able to find enough working ones to make up 16MB.

The motherboard has two battery connections for some reason: one was a soldered-on coin cell, the other takes a kind of battery that was common in wireless phones. When I got it, the coin-cell was dead, so I installed the other battery. That battery lasted until November 2020, and started forming crystals on the oustside as soon as it died. Fortunately, it was positioned away from the motherboard. I cleaned up after it and installed a coin-cell holder in place of the original battery.

The original floppy drive has developed a fault where it continuously seeks back and forth on power-up. It started doing that intermittently a few years after I got it, then started doing it all the time several years later. It only does about 50% of the time when run with the lid off hanging out of another computer, but I'm not sure how that factors in. As of July 2021, I've swapped it out for another Compaq OEM drive from eBay.

Year 1994
OS Windows 3.11, DOS 6.00
CPU 486SX 25MHz (overclocked to 33MHz)
RAM 4MB onboard, 2x8MB 30 pin SIMMs : 20MB total
Internal Storage Non-LBA IDE, 200MB HDD, CHS 683/16/38
Removable Storage High-Density Floppy
Audio Creative SoundBlaster Pro 2
Network Integrated Fax Modem, Kingston EtherNIC 10BaseT Card
Expansion 2 ISA

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