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Compaq Presario 425

Beige computer with built-in CRT monitor

Named for the tiny fox demon from Inuyasha.

I got this circa 2007, from a local legal advisor that was clearing out unwanted equipment. They had a whole out-of-order bathroom piled near waist-deep with old stuff. Most of the good stuff was gone, but I spotted this tucked under a sink.

This is currently the only computer I've ever overclocked. It has a jumper for 25MHz or 33MHz, and allegedly there was an identical 33MHz model. I had an old game that ran a bit slow, so I switched the jumper, and it's been fine ever since. I got a bunch of old ram from my Computer Repair instructor on the condition that I only keep what I use, and I was able to find enough working ones to make up 16MB. The motherboard has two battery connections for some reason: one was a soldered-on coin cell, the other takes a kind of battery that was common in wireless phones. It's been running on that second battery since I got it, but I intend to add a coin cell holder some day.

OSWindows 3.11, DOS 6.00
CPU25MHz 486SX (overclocked to 33MHz)
RAM4MB onboard, 2x8MB 30 pin SIMMs : 20MB total
Internal StorageNon-LBA IDE, 200MB HDD, CHS 683/16/38
Removable StorageHigh-Density Floppy
AudioCreative SoundBlaster Pro 2
NetworkIntegrated Fax Modem, Kingston EtherNIC 10BaseT Card
Expansion2 ISA