Old News


Added some of my smaller recent projects to the Gadgetorium:
Dual D-Pad Game Controller Media Controller


I re-designed the site. I'm trying to give it more of a "lab" theme, and make it more low-res and dithered. It's more consistent now, but I haven't finished converting the recipe pages to the new design. I was also hoping to have 3D rendered "rooms" for each of the pages above, but I'm still learning Blender and haven't worked out the designs yet.


I recently built a SciFi-inspired binary clock.


The Cyberdeck has been updated.


I've created a Cyberdeck as a testbed for future Raspberry Pi projects.


My new Raspberry Pi server, set up to fit in with and serve my 90s computers.

A new design for the main site, and no more CSS anywhere! (Except for the Minecraft Resource Pack and Amstrad Laptop Info pages, which are their own things.)


My Halloween project: a videogame-inspired vampire-killing kit.


Redeisgned the case of my Bubble-LED watch. Now even more 70s!


Updated photo of Servo, added mini-review of Tex keycaps. Added an overview of my weather display project. Returned NES Crystal Caves to the site, and re-added and expanded coverage of my boot sector programs.


Added my newly assembled NuXT to the computers page. Added more photos, my Game Boys, and a little more info to the consoles. Also, the Minecraft resource pack has been updated for 1.16!

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