An assortment of medieval weapons and holy artifacts.

Konami Vampire-Killing Kit

Created: 2020-10-23

Semi-realistic replicas of the weapons from Castlevania for the NES. All the main items are complete for Halloween 2020, the box to hold them will hopefully be coming in 2021.

Whip sprite from Castlevania Whip

A six-foot-long brown leather whip.

The whip is off-the-shelf, a not-Indiana-Jones item from Amazon.

Axe sprite from Castlevania Axe

A short-handled double-bladed axe with a spike on top. The handle looks like pale wood, with black iron blades, spike, and pommel.

The Axe is 3d printed in 5 pieces. The handle is GizmoDorks wood PLA with some dark brown antiquing wax rubbed into it. The other pieces are black PLA with Rub 'n' Buff Silver Leaf for the highlights.

Boomerang sprite from Castlevania Boomerang

A square black cross with beveled silver edges.

The boomerang is 3d-printed as one piece in black, with Rub n' Buff on the edges.

Dagger sprite from CastlevaniaDagger

A silver dagger with a gold guard and pale wooden handle.

The dagger is 3d-printed in 4 pieces. The handle is the same technique as the axe handle. The guard is black PLA with Rub 'n' Buff gold leaf. The blade was printed in two pieces, split down the middle. It has aluminum tape applied for a mirror-finish.

Holy Water sprite from Castlevania Holy Water

A small, weathered, glass, bottle with a cork. A silver cross sticks out of the top of the cork.

The holy water is a small bottle that has been weathered. The cross on top is printed in Geeetech Silver and weathered. The weathering consists of black and burnt umber acrylic paint washes and sanding.

Cross sprite from Castlevania Cross

A black cross with silver edges and a gold star-burst in the middle. It is on a heavy silver chain.

The cross was 3d-printed in black PLA. The edges are silver Rub 'n' Buff, and the center gold. I had to re-paint the middle black area to cover up some mistakes with the Rub 'n' Buff. The chain is a generic stainless steel necklace chain from Amazon.

Watch sprite from Castlevania Watch

A pocket watch made out of dark gray metal.

The watch was off Amazon, but I removed the mechanism and rotated the face and the chain to match the sprite better.

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