A rectangular gamepad with two cross-shaped directional pads, and two slanted rectangular buttons in the middle. A USB cable comes out of the right side.

Dual D-Pad Controller

Created: 2021-06-05

A custom USB game controller with two d-pads. It's built around a Teensy 2.0 and some mini tact switches on an Adafruit perma-proto board. It connects as joystick and keyboard. The d-pads map to a joystick according to the default MAME mapping for Robotron 2084. The buttons are keyboard keys for coin and start. The mapping of the right pad also works as the action buttons in other games.

A NES d-pad has a bump on the bottom that it pivots on against the PCB. In my design, that bump is a separate piece that sits face up on the PCB, and the bottom of the cross is flat. This makes it much easier to print.

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