Main Lab


The whine of servos and chatter of synthetic voices reverberate around the room. There's a slight whiff of ozone and oil. A small robot whizzes past on wheels, while others shuffle, or walk with deliberate strides. This is the Lab's home for plastic pals and metal mensches. For more general technology, check out the Gadgetorium. For less mobile electronic brains, try the Computer Lab


Mini Wind-up Robots

Fortune Telling Robot

Wheeled Robot

Shelf Robot

Miner (Robot Nation)

Reels (Robot Nation)


(photo): Photo Only

Big Trak (1979)

Metropolis Robot (kit)

Metal Sonic(photo)

Snaptoys "Bots"(photo)

Solar Dancing Robot(photo)

Robot Arm (kit)(photo)

Walmart Iron Giant(photo)

Walmart Robby

Zivko (kit)(photo)

Robosapien Gen 1


Planet Robot (repro)(photo)

High Wheel Robot (repro)(photo)

Mr D Cell (repro)(photo)

Atomic Robot Man (repro)(photo)

Sparky (repro)(photo)

Tin Tank (repro)(photo)

Giant Robot Lilliput (repro)(photo)

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