Main Lab

Computer Lab

The computer lab: row after row of glowing screens and humming boxes, and the AC is always set a bit too cold. Old computers are collected and repaired here, and new ones are built. If you'd like to see more custom-built technology, check out the Gadgetorium. There's also some software development here, from the resident mad computer scientist. For more couch-oriented devices and software, check out the Game Room.


Retro Proxyexternal link A way to access modern https websites on old computers.

PC Boot Disks Where we're going, we don't need Operating Systems!

Custom Computers

Ryzen+RTX "GPC"


Pi Mini Server


Computer Collection

HP ProDesk "Servo"

T60 "Crick"

iMac G3

PIII "Trinity"

K6-2 "Harry"

Presario 425 "Shippo"

ALT-386SX "Mickey"


Apple IIC


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