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An off-white tower PC with an AMD K-6 badge

AMD K6-2+ 450MHz "Dirty Harry"

Named for the Clint Eastwood character, which was an inspiration for Duke Nukem; and because it was so dirty when I got it.

I found this on a walk around my neighborhood some time in the late 00s. It had been left at the curb with another old PC. I carried them both home and cleaned them out. (Lots of dust and cigarette residue!) The other PC was a later AMD, maybe an Athlon, and it didn't work. This one did work, though. I initially tried Windows 95 (from an original disk) but later switched to Windows 98SE. It was my main retro Windows PC until I got Trinity, and I still use it for older games.

I had originally acquired the SoundBlaster 16 for Shippo, but after getting Harry, I bought an SB Pro 2 and transferred the SB16 over. It may not be the best Windows 98 card, but it's very compatible with DOS games. I run CD-based DOS games on Harry since Shippo doesn't have a CD drive. The CF card was also originally meant for Shippo, but I couldn't get that BIOS to recognize it. This PC came with a Trident Blade3d 8MB AGP card, but I was given some better cards. The TNT 2 M64 was the most compatible, so that's what I currently use. I forget what RAM it originally came with, but I had lots of PC100 and PC133, so I upgraded it to 512MB.

Release ~2000
OS Windows 98SE
CPU AMD K6-2+ (128KB internal L2 cache?) 450Mhz (100Mhz fsb, 4.5x)
Motherboard EpoX MVP3G2: Super Socket 7, AGP/PCI/ISA, 3xSDRAM, 1MB L2 cache
RAM 512MB PC133 (2x 256MB)
GPU Nvidia RIVA TNT 2 M64
Audio Creative SoundBlaster 16 Vibra (ISA)
Network Realtek rtl8139c
Internal Storage UltraATA/66 onboard controller, 4GB CF Card
Removable Storage High-Density Floppy, 32x CD-ROM
Expansion AGP, PCI, ISA

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