Computer Lab

A biege and red box with LEDs and buttons.

Pi Mini Server

Created: 2020-11-18

A Raspberry Pi headless server for my 90s computers.


The inside of a small aluminum case, with a fan and a PCB mounted in it.

A Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GB RAM, a 256GB USB3 drive, and a PC case fan. The case is from an old ATX power supply, with a 3d-printed mounting bracket and a 3d-printed front. The case is spray-painted with Krylon's "Almond", which is a dead ringer for 90s PC beige.

Front Panel

The biege box with the red piece missing, revealing a circuit board with LEDs and buttons on it.

I wired a protoboard for the front panel. The green LED is the power indicator, currently connected to the serial IO, which is held high when enabled and running. The three yellow LEDs are attached to GPIO. The top button is GPIO3 for shutting down and waking up the Pi. The bottom button is connected to the "run" header for reseting the Pi.


The previosuly pictured biege box next to some biege tower PCs.

As you can see, the case design is inspired by my 90s computers.

The Pi is currently running SyncThing and Samba, to receive vintage software from my main computer and serve it to the 90s computers. It also runs my Retro Proxy programexternal link so that they can better browse the web. A cron job pings the main router and CloudFlare once each minute and displays the results on the first two yellow LEDs.

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