Two glass tubes sit on a wood box. The numbers '7' and '0' glow orange from behind metal grids inside the tubes.

Faux Nixie Temperature Display

Created: 2023-02-04

Inspired by this project by Extreme Electronics. I used the same OLED modules. Instead of etched acrylic, I used orange window tint and pieces of wire mesh. I used the same brand and size of jars as the holy water in the vampire kit, as they just fit, with a little trimming of the PCB. I made the tubes their own modules, with 3d-printed silver bases that friction fit onto the jars. The i2c and power lines are routed out the bottom with bare solid core wire that fits into headers in the base.

The base is wood PLA with oak stain and brown antiquing wax. The bottom is the same silver PLA as the tube bottoms. The whole thing is driven by the ESP8266 that previously powered the dial weather display, using the same weather API.

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