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An off-white and blue tower PC, some of the plastic has yellowed

Intel Slot 1 PIII 1000MHz "Trinity"

Named for Trinity from The Matrix (an appropriate reference for 99/2000), and also its motherboard model.

My Dad worked for a lady that was cleaning out her late husband's extensive collection of old gadgets and parts. I recieved this PC from my family around 2014. It had Windows 2000 installed, and some quack medical software, along with lots of porn hidden in the system files. I erased all that, and after trying a few different versions of Windows, I settled on Windows 98. I made it my machine for high-end 90's and early 2000s Windows 98 gaming.

It originally had 1536MB of RAM on 3x 512MB modules, I downgraded that to 512MB when I installed Windows 98. The original floppy drive was dead.

Release ~2000
OS Windows 98SE
CPU Intel Slot 1 PIII (supports PGA370 also) 1.0Ghz
Motherboard Tyan Trinity 400 S1854
RAM 512MB PC100 (2x 256MB)
GPU VisionTek (ATI) Radeon 9250 AGP
Audio Creative SB Live! Platinum 5.1
Network Realtek RTL8139/810x Fast Ethernet
Internal Storage UltraATA/66 onboard controller, 30GB? HDD
Removable Storage DVD-RW, 52x CD-RW
Expansion AGP, PCI (maybe also ISA?)

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