Computer Lab

A beige computer built into a keyboard with dark brown keys

Commodore 64

A large, low box, with a full color picture of the computer printed on it, and a blue and white background Close-up of a PCB showing several large chips

Got this one on eBay in 2013. It was working initially, but after using it as jukebox for a while, the SID lost some of it's voices. I managed to find a replacement SID that only cost too much rather than a small fortune and swapped it out. I added some heatsinks after that.

Release 1982
CPU MOS 6510 1.023MHz (25th Week '83)
SID MOS 6526 R4 (32nd Week '83) (original), 6526 R4 (??nd Week '83) (replacement)
ROM 901225-01 ©1982 (25th Week '83), 901227-02 5-62 32049, 901226-01 ©1982 (27th Week '83)

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