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Off-white computer with built-in keyboard

Apple IIC

Got this one on eBay in 2019 after sifting through many ridiculous prices. It came untested with no cables. I modified a generic 12v wall wart and built a serial cable. The floppy drive cage got bent somehow, but after hammering that out and cleaning the head, it works fine.

Mine came with the original ROM revision.

After a while, certain games stopped working. Specifically, Number Munchers and Oregon Trail would show the loading screen and freeze. In July 2021, I finally figured out that it was likely a RAM issue, and set out to fix it. I swapped the ROM for a later version with a RAM test. The test was able to identify ARD4 as bad. The original chip was an Apple-branded MT4264. (The Auxilary RAM was all the same, but the main RAM is implemented with another brand marked 4864. It seems like all these parts are interchangeable.) I replaced it with a socketed Samsung KM4164B-12, which fixed the issue.

Release 1984
CPU MOS 65C02 1.023MHz
Internal Storage 5 1/4" Single-Sided Double-Density Floppy Drive

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