A small box with a black plastic front and wood sides. The front is trimmed in orange and has a speaker grill at the top. A knob is currently turned to 'off'. The word 'AtariVox+' is emblazoned on it in orange. Two cables come out of the right side.

AtariVox+ "Smart" Speaker

Created: 2022-11-28

An AtariVox+ Speech Synthesizer in a box with a speaker and amplifier. A complete AtariVox setup would otherwise involve the dongle on an extension cable, an audio mixer, and a lot of cabling. This all-in-one speaker only needs power and a controller extension. It can also be turned off for non-AtariVox-audio games. The housing is modeled after the Atari Console itself: black and orange PLA for the front, and wood PLA for the back. The orange is slightly yellower than the console, but not as much as it looks in the photo.

I put this together out of pieces I already had laying around. The speaker was salvaged from an old monitor and previously was part of the cyberdeck, along with the amplifier. The power jack is from an old 3D printer. I had previously bought the potentiometer to use with this amplifier, but I hadn't connected them until this project.

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