A toy robot with a black trapezoidal body, small silver arms, a silver trapezoidal head, and a black face with two large red LED eyes.

Wheeled Robot

Created: 2023-08-31

A robot with two independently controlled wheels, light up eyes, a piezo beeper, and an IR remote. The frame, shell, and wheels are 3d-printed. Functions on the remote are: forward, backward, turn right, turn left, stop, and beep.


A black plastic frame with a flat bottom and a vertical partition in the center. Motors and a circuit board are mounteted against the partition.

Most of the electronics are mounted to a 3d-printed frame. The body shell fits over it, and the LED eyes and IR receiver plug into the main board. The robot is powered by two removable NiMh D Cells. A MakerDrive board provides power and motor control. An Adafruit ItsyBitsy AtMega32U4 microcontroller board controls it.

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