Minecraft Retro SciFi

Resource Packs

Build your own future of the past!

This a 32x32 resource pack for Minecraft Java Edition. Clean pixel art with a limited color palette.

Use minimalist building blocks to build massive structures for your future Utopia or Dystopia! Featuring: mid-century tile patterns, metallic girders, and brutalist concrete textures.

Use crafting and special blocks that have extra gizmos and lights to build whizzbang future technology! Use paintings for more buttony blinky things! Pistons make Star Trek whoosh noises!

MST3K Splashes Add-On

With the optional extra MST3K Splashes pack, replace those silly memes with something classy! Many classic MST3K quips and catchphrases will grace your title screen!

Featuring such hits as:

Is it atomic? It's very atomic!

Many of the items have been given thematic makeovers with new English (US) names.

Atomic Helmet (Netherite Helmet)
Photonic Hammer (Diamond Pick)
Needle Gun (Bow)
Flying Suit (Elytra)
Pict-o-tron (Map)

The Elytra and Rockets have new sound effects to go with the jetpack fantasy!

Creature Features!

Encounter creatures inspired by old SciFi movies!

Ape (Villager)

Zombie [from Plan 9 from Outer Space]
Skelebot (Skeleton)
Giant Radioactive Spider (Spider)
ZAAT (Drowned)

Eegah (Husk)
Sagoth [from At The Earth's Core] (Piglin)
Mole Person (Zombified Piglin)


December 23, 2023

August 13, 2023

May 16, 2023

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