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Sony Playstation - 1995

SCPH-7501 (Rough)

I had one as birthday present in 1998, but it was handed-down to my younger siblings after I got my Gamecube. I got most of the games back when I got my PS2. Later, I got this unit, my Sister's PS1. It has cosmetic damage from nail polish remover. It is still having issues after a spindle hub replacement.

SCPH-7501 (Ebay)

A gray slab with a top-loading CD drive, and a matching gray controller with handles.

In 2018 or 2019, I bought another one on eBay because mine was unreliable. It was reported tested and working, but didn't work when I got it. I contacted the seller, who immediately gave me a refund. I later fiddled it with a bit and it started working fine, and has worked since.