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NES with blank cartridge door, a model 2 gamepad, and an original gamepad

Nintendo Entertainment System

I have three of these.

#1 "Prime"

A hand-me-down from my half-brother, which I've had since the 90's. I've replaced the top of the case and the RF-shield with parts from another unit. It has the "Blinking Light Win" mod installed.

#2 "No Face"

Bought on ebay in 200X for parts. I got it working shortly afterwards. I used the original case top to fix up my first unit, but I later put the case top from my third unit on this one. A quirk of this unit is that it will display yellow instead of the more common gray when it fails to boot.

#3 "Garbage"

My brother found this in a trash can with a couple games and controllers. I cleaned the dirt and gunk off the case, but due to some overly strong solvents, the label on the cartridge door came off. You can see the blank door in the photo of unit 2 above. All the ports are heavily oxidized and this unit does not boot even with a donor cartridge connector. It currently has the original case top from my first unit, which is missing the cartridge door entirely. I was able to save the games.

Original Release: 1985-1986

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